Built in 1938, the Coles 735 Main building was originally built as The Stirrup Cup, a restaurant serving traditional Kentucky classics to residents and out-of-town visitors for years. Since the closing of The Stirrup Cup, the building has held a pharmacy and many other restaurants, including Le Café Francais, Hall’s on Main, and Furlongs.

When opening Coles 735 Main in 2012, Cole and team worked tirelessly to renovate this historic city landmark and restore the unique architectural elements. One of the focal points of COLES are the three restored English hunt scene murals, painted for the restaurant in 1949 by local art teacher Theresa Newhoff. With local faces painted into the scenes and what may even be a bullet hole in one mural, the murals are one of many elements that give the restaurant its one-of-a-kind character.